Building A Shed, Revised (eBook)

Building A Shed, Revised (eBook)

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Expert advice from start to finish

Joseph Truini

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  • Product # 077821
  • Type PDF eBook
  • ISBN 978-1-60085-727-0
  • Published Date 2009
  • Pages 224
  • Photos 354 photographs
  • Drawings and 60 drawings
The newly revised edition of this popular book provides all the expert advice you need to build a shed from start to finish. All brought to you by Joe Truini, a longtime carpenter, who has focused his expertise on the art and craft of building sheds.

From detailed instructions on choosing materials to perfecting your techniques, Building A Shed offers all the practical guidance you need to design and build a truly customized shed.

This new addition to our successful Build Like a Pro series of reference manuals gives you all the tips, procedures and trade secrets necessary to build five different types of shed.

  • A Lean-to Shed Locker
  • A Garden Shed
  • A Saltbox Potting Shed
  • A Colonial Style Shed
  • A Gambrel Storage Barn

You can use the book as a set of instructions to build one of these five sheds. Or as a handbook of shed-building techniques. Or both, depending on your needs.

With simple, step-by-step advice and over 350 photos that will educate and inspire you, Joe Truini delivers everything you need to build a custom shed.
Table of Contents

Before You Build
Evaluating Your Storage Needs
Design Considerations
A Working Plan
Finishing School
Siting the Structure
Code Concerns
Hiring Help

Construction Methods
Choosing a Foundation
On-Grade Foundations
Frost-Proof Foundations
Wall-Framing Techniques
Shed Floors
Roof Framing
Stair and Ramp Construction

Building Materials

Lean-to Shed Locker
Timber-Frame Foundation
Wall Framing
Roof Framing
Siding and Trim
Interior Shelves

Garden Shed
Solid-Block Foundation
Floor Framing
Wall Framing
Hip-Roof Framing
Asphalt Roofing
Fiber-Cement Siding

Saltbox Potting Shed
Solid-Block Foundation
Wall Framing
Roof Framing
Dutch Door
Entry Deck
Potting Bench

Colonial-Style Shed
Skid Foundation
Gable-End Trusses
Roof Framing
Windows and Exterior Trim

Gambrel Storage Barn
Site Prep and Footings
Wall Framing
Roof Framing
Windows and Exterior Trim
Door Installation

As the son of a carpenter, I had no choice but to learn my father's craft. It was passed down to me through the same complex genetic code that gave me his dark eyes and stubborn nature. My apprenticeship began at the tender, clueless age of 12, when my father woke me early one summer morning (much to my surprise) and announced that it was time to go to work. As I climbed into his truck, sleepy-eyed and silent, I had no idea that I was embarking on a journey of discovery and purpose that would guide me through life to this very day.

During that summer, and subsequent summers for the next several years, I worked alongside my dad and learned a lot about carpentry, electrical wiring, plumbing, and life. Later, as a young adult, I used those skills to earn a living as a remodeling contractor, union carpenter, cabinetmaker, and, eventually, writer.

For the past 26 years, I've written about homebuilding, remodeling, and woodworking for nearly every possible medium: books, newspapers, websites, television, radio, and several magazines, including This Old House, Popular Mechanics, Today,s Homeowner, Country Living, Woman's Day, Handy, and Home Mechanix. It was during my years as a magazine editor that I first began writing about backyard outbuildings and discovered that nearly every homeowner -- regardless of the size of his or her house -- needed a storage shed. Over the years, I've written articles about and built more than a dozen sheds. Therefore, when the fine folks at The Taunton Press asked me to write this book, I was confident that my experiences in the building and publishing fields would prove invaluable. I hope you think so, too.

From the very beginning, the goal of this book has been to provide you with the information, inspiration, and confidence to build your own backyard storage shed. And not just one of the structures shown in this book, but any shed at all. Like most other shed books, this one has a lot of photos of attractive outbuildings and many construction drawings, but that's where the similarities end. This book gives specific information on what you need to know before you build a shed, including design considerations, building code issues, and evaluating your storage needs. A chapter devoted to shed-building techniques covers everything from foundations to roof framing. Another chapter explains the wide variety of shed-building materials, including siding, roofing, doors, and windows.

However, what makes this book truly unique is that each of the final five chapters shows how to build a particular shed from scratch. These structures were specifically designed and constructed for this book and include an easy-to-build 2-ft. by 6-ft. Lean-to Shed Locker that's perfect for storing lawn and garden tools; a modest 6-ft. by 6-ft. Garden Shed that has a stylish hip roof and fiber-cement siding; a charming 8-ft. by 12-ft. Saltbox Potting Shed, which features a cedar-shingle roof and a traditional Dutch door; a 10-ft. by 16-ft. Colonial-Style Shed that combines classical design with beautiful vertical-board cedar siding; and a spacious 12-ft. by 20-ft. Gambrel Storage Barn, which has double-wide sliding doors and an interior storage loft.

For each shed, there are dozens of step-by-step photos and precise drawings to guide you through each phase of the construction process. However, if you need additional information, mail-order plans are available for each of the five sheds. In this edition we've also included Design Options at the end of each chapter. There you?ll find different looks that go beyond the construction basics of the text and show you what else is possible. It took about a year to produce the book you now hold in your hands, but it -- and all that I am today -- really started early one summer morning more than 40 years ago.
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