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Container Gardening, Vol. 12

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Inspiring ideas for every season

Editors of Fine Gardening

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  • Published Date 2015
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The sky’s the limit when you garden in containers. This latest issue of Container Gardening, Vol. 12, brings together Fine Gardening’s best articles on the topic. Its photo-packed pages beautifully illustrate the versatility and advantages of growing annuals, perennials, small shrubs, trees, and even vegetables in pots. Container gardens are in fact mini-gardens that are portable, versatile, and the perfect solution to landscape challenges, from revitalizing empty spots in the border to creating attractive privacy screens.

Exciting designs for every purpose under the sun. Container Gardening is bursting with more than a hundred inspiring ideas for every season. You can follow the handy diagrams that fully identify every plant in the design to replicate the same look. Or you can use these suggestions as a springboard for your own creations. One of the reasons container gardening is so popular is that it's so much fun. You can experiment with shapes, color, and placement in a small space and never worry if you want to change it up – it’s not like planting an 8-foot tree and then deciding you want to move it!

Explore three types of container plantings.

  • Foliage: Dozens of strategies for grouping foliage plants in containers of all sizes and shapes: examples of the thriller-filler-spiller formula, exciting flower-free geometry designs, small trees or shrubs under planted with creeping ground covers, and decorative ways to use grasses and edibles.
  • Blooms: Celebrate spring with sprightly plant combinations or find heat-happy pairings to withstand a sizzling summer. Use dramatic plantings to mark entryways or offer directional cues, and creative plantings (even using leftover plants) in containers that can be moved as needed.
  • Succulents: These remarkable sculptural forms in a range of subdued greens and grey, some tinged with contrasting hues, are the workhorses of container gardens. They provide high impact results with low input and thrive where other plants are doomed. to make a succulent topiary. Create your own gorgeous topiary with succulent cuttings with the simple directions you’ll find in the back of this issue. It’s a fun project that you can enjoy for years. One more reason why you need to get this special issue of Container Gardening!

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