Container Gardening

Container Gardening, Vol. 9

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From the editors of Fine Gardening

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  • Product # 044039
  • Type Softcover magazine
  • Published Date 2012

Discover the advantages of container gardening. Planting pots has evolved into an art form with amazing potential for anyone who’s a gardener at heart. This issue of Container Gardening shows you how to plant containers that look beautiful, but also act as important “portable” design elements within the landscape or, for apartment dwellers, on a balcony, terrace, or entryway.

Over-the-top pots. The show-stopping plant designs in Container Gardening are easily attainable when you know the five simple steps to planting lush-looking pots. Plus, learn how to add high-voltage pizzazz to your pots when you see how designer Todd Holloway combines strong plant shapes with complementary containers with dazzling results.

A moveable feast for the eyes. Because planted containers are portable, they are a decorator’s dream. Move them to fill in bare spots in the garden, group them to create a high-impact focal point, or coordinate window boxes and planters for a pleasing unified landscape theme. Plus you can change the colors and plantings with the season for year-round interest and variety.

Unlimited possibilities! Don’t miss this idea-packed issue of Container Gardening. It opens up a whole new world to gardeners who may feel limited by space or location or growing zone. Now you can successfully grow flowers, vegetables, herbs, small trees and shrubs, and even tropicals and exotics almost anywhere -- just plant them in pots!


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Stunning combinations Review by Christine

I love this year's issue of Container Gardening. I have used it as a guide to planting my containers and they really are gorgeous. I have already received many compliments on my pots and they've just been planted.

(Posted on 6/2/12)


This book is informative, creative and intelligently written*!* For both the long term Container Gardener and brand new beginners, there is something for everyone. The photographs are stunning and all the information, easy to reference and find whenever you need it! I no sooner picked it up, than I knew this one was finding a home among my other well loved gardening books. It also has loads of creative and new ideas on how to make a container planting look beautiful as well as functional*!* I heartily recommend this book to anyone who has more than one pot they'd like to fill*!* REBECCA*

(Posted on 3/29/12)

2 Reviews

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