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Easy ways to prepare good-for-you meals

From the editors of Fine Cooking

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  • Type Softcover magazine
  • Published Date 2011

With all the buzz about eating healthier, where’s the best place to go for smart advice and delicious recipes?

Fine Cooking – the folks you trust. And our new title– CookFresh – that is all about incredibly easy ways to prepare incredibly good-for-you food.

No fads. No dieting. No deprivation.

Just fresh-from-the-farm ingredients. Simply prepared. And totally delicious.

Not to mention good for you.

With CookFresh, you’ll know how to make the most of what’s fresh and abundant in the market. Take escarole, for example. We show you two great recipes that are not only delicious but easy ways to eat your greens.

Take the guilt out of your favorites. Think of all the foods we love but may not be our best choices – rich dips, creamy soups, luscious fried rice, and cheesy pizza. Now, CookFresh shows you how to take the guilt out of these favorites – yes, even the pizza – by emphasizing fresh ingredients to up the taste and lower the calories.

Love artichokes, but hate to clean them? Relax. We’ve made it whole lot easier to prep them so you use them at the peak of freshness. You'll see how it's done in just a few simple steps.

For our busy lifestyles, we all want good food that’s fast. Now, you can whip up exciting stir-fry meals so quickly that they could qualify as fast food. They’re just a lot more satisfying and healthy.


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