Crawlspace Remodeling Construction Detail Package

Crawlspace Remodeling Construction Detail Package

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Set of 8 details plus tips for completely sealing any crawlspace.
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  • Product # 065804
  • Published Date 2010
Simple steps to sealing a crawlspace. Crawlspaces are a mixed bag of blessings. They're less expensive to build than a basement. They offer room for ducts and plumbing lines. They provide extra storage space. But they can also cause moisture problems that lead to mold and cold winter floors. Plus, there's the threat of radon. The best option, most often, is to seal the crawlspace completely and insulate the perimeter. It's easy with this set of eight construction details.

Two convenient formats -- two great ways they work for you. Available in two convenient formats -- pdf and dwg -- these details can be quickly printed and handed out to workers on your jobsite. Or, open them in CAD software and easily incorporate them into your blueprints.

Complete to the smallest detail. This comprehensive set features everything you need to get great results. You'll find eight details, including insulation details for floors and walls, interior and exterior drainage details, and solutions for air leaks at the rim joist. You'll also find a "Tip Sheet" featuring a short overview article, Builder Tips, Design Notes and Code issues, plus links to further reading.


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