Energy-Smart Homes, Vol. 7 (Digital Issue)

Energy-Smart Homes, Vol. 7 (Digital Issue)

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Editors of Fine Homebuilding

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  • Published Date 2014
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Get more with less as you update or build an energy-efficient home. In the old days, people just turned out lights when leaving rooms in an attempt to save energy. Today energy conservation is strategic, scientifically based, and technologically sound. In fact, energy smart homes are not a trend anymore—it’s an entire movement—as proven by this 7th issue of Energy-Smart Homes. This hot-off-the-press 2015 edition digs deep into the how and why behind energy-efficient construction methods in language that is detailed enough for the pros, yet simple enough for today’s homeowners to “get” and implement.

Keep up on the latest energy-efficient technology, materials, and methods. New innovations are popping up everywhere, and keeping up can feel overwhelming, particularly to the layman. Think of Energy-Smart Homes, Vol. 7 as your friend who works in the industry. You’ll have instant access to insider tips, straight-up information, pros and cons, case studies, detailed drawings, and practical lessons culled by the experts. You’ll find the best articles on energy topics from past issues of Fine Homebuilding, as well as never-before-seen features on hot water recirculation technology, eliminating thermal bridging in walls, choosing the right furnace, maintaining good indoor air quality, and much more.

Cut energy…cut costs…and help to preserve our planet. Energy-Smart Homes, Vol. 7 also features a special 26-page section with step-by-step instructions for constructing an ultra-efficient Passive House—demonstrating that a high-performance building is possible today. According to the Passive House Alliance, “passive buildings cut energy consumption by 60-80 percent compared to code buildings. Certified passive buildings provide superior comfort, indoor air quality, and resilience.”

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Table of Contents
New Features:
Problem-Solving Hot-Water Recirculation
Breaking the Thermal Bridge
All About Furnaces
Build a High-Performance Door
Air-sealing Recessed Lights
How Ducts Lead to Poor Air Quality

Passive House Build (22 pages documenting construction of a New England Passive House)
Finding Value in Windows
Making Fiberglass Work
Save Energy with Storm Windows
Building Science for the Rest of Us
Deep in the Heat of Texas
Downtown Design
Cold-Climate Collaboration
How It Works: DeHumidifiers
You Don’t know Foam

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