Fine Gardening How-To Series: Propagation DVD-ROM

Fine Gardening How-To Series: Propagation DVD-ROM

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Quick computer access to over 50 articles and video clips

Editors of Fine Gardening

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  • Product # 041036
  • ISBN 978-1-60085-051-6
  • Published Date 2008
One of the great joys of gardening is knowing precisely how to nurture and multiply your favorite plants -- so you can watch them blossom in all their glory.

Now you can find out everything you need to know about propagation with this information-packed DVD from the editors of Fine Gardening magazine. You'll gain access to all the most important propagation articles which have appeared in our magazine over the last 20 years. Plus a wide range of video clips not available anywhere else.

Content is divided into three subsections, which highlight Seed Starting, General Techniques and Specific Techniques. All designed to help you create more plants and enhance the beauty of your garden.

Each article is full of proven tips, step-by-step techniques, and vivid photographs revealing proven ways to make your garden thrive. From how to jumpstart your seeds and divide your irises to seed-starting gear and drip irrigation techniques, there's a virtual library of propagation advice, collected and presented by gardening experts.

When you have a question -- or you're looking for a specific detail, tip or technique -- you'll be amazed how easy it is to put your finger on precisely what you need. Just pop the disc into your computer, perform a search and you'll have an answer in minutes. Imagine how much time you'll save. And how rewarding it will be to watch your garden grow by leaps and bounds.

Here are just a few examples of the useful articles you'll find.
  • 10 Seed Starting Tips
  • Dividing Perennials
  • Four Ways to Use a Cold Frame
  • Turn Summer Cuttings in to Shrubs
If you want to learn about all the ways you can make your garden more plentiful -- and more beautiful -- here's a single resource that delivers all the information you'll ever need.

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  • Table of Contents

    Seed Starting

    Ten Seed-Starting Tips
    Starting Wildflowers from Seed
    A Plant Collector's Paradise Starts with Seeds
    This Year's Seed, Next Year's Garden
    Jump-Start Your Seeds
    Seed-Starting Gear
    Starting from Scratch
    Nurturing Seedlings
    Starting Native Perennials from Seeds
    Ten Years of Seed-Starting Tips
    Twenty-Five Fast-Growing Perennials

    General Techniques

    Ten Dividing Tips
    Make More Plants
    Abundance from Aggressive Propagation
    Little Cuttings, Lots of Bloom
    Turn Summer Cuttings in to Shrubs
    Multiply Your Perennials by Division
    Grafting Basics
    Dividing Perennials
    Perennials from Cuttings
    Indoor Sunlight
    Auxins Help Cuttings Produce Roots
    Making More Shrubs
    A Temporary Home for Plants
    Underground Garden Grows All Winter Long
    Save Money and Grow More Plants with Tip Cuttings
    Grow Your Own Conifers from Hardwood Cuttings
    Grow More Plants with Root Cuttings
    Four Ways to Use a Cold Frame

    Specific Techniques

    Breed Your Own Gladiolus Hybrids
    Making a Moss Garden
    Dividing Canada Lilies
    Q&A: Propagating Rhodies
    Q&A: Propagating Yucca
    Enduring Species Roses
    Fern Propagation, Simplified


    Collecting Fern Spores
    Seed-Starting Pretreatments
    Collecting Seeds
    Storing Seeds
    Planting Seeds
    Lighting Seedlings
    Dividing and Storing Dahlia Tubers
    Dividing and Storing Cannas
    Making More Plants from Root Cuttings
    Rooting Tip Cuttings
    Dividing a Perennial without Digging It Up
    Introduction to Dividing Plants
    How to Divide Plants with a Woody Crown
    How to Divide Plants with Surface-Running Roots
    How to Divide Plants that Form Offsets
    How to Divide Plants that Have Taproots
    How to Divide Plants with Underground-Running Roots
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