Fine Gardening How-To Series: Gardening Techniques, Vol. 3 DVD-ROM

Fine Gardening How-To Series: Gardening Techniques, Vol. 3 DVD-ROM

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Fast, easy computer access to more than 40 articles and videos on soil and proper planting

Editors of Fine Gardening

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  • Product # 041037
  • ISBN 978-1-60085-074-5
  • Published Date 2008
Good soil and proper planting methods are key to gardening success. This informative DVD-ROM gives you a deeper understanding of how to improve soil and ensure that planting is done correctly to encourage good growth.

In just seconds, you can easily find the exact information you need and have your questions answered on everything from choosing the best plants to turning clay soil into rich garden soil to making compost. Enjoy quick computer access are all of the most important articles collected from Fine Gardening on these important techniques along with instructive how-to videos.

Content is divided into three subsections dedicated to: making compost, planting, and soil management. The instructive videos show you how to plant a bareroot tree or shrub, mix soil for containers, do soil testing, and improve drainage.

Each article is packed with proven tips, step-by-step instructions, and detailed photographs that help you master the basics of planting and managing soil.

Here are just a few examples of the useful articles you'll find.
  • More Compost, Less Work
  • Master Class: Compost Tea
  • Plant a Tree for Keeps
  • Soil Amendments
  • Planting on a Slope
  • 4 Things About Soil pH
  • Build a Bed Without Breaking Your Back
  • Improving Your soil
To get the best results in your garden, be sure you have this informative DVD-ROM for fast answers to all your questions!

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  • Table of Contents
    Making Compost
    Making Leaf Mold
    Leave Leftovers to Worms
    More Compost, Less Work
    Bin There, Done That
    Compost Tea is a Multipurpose Elixir
    Making Compost

    How to Buy the Best Plants
    Planting Ground Covers
    Build a Bed Without Breaking Your Back
    Four Ways to Remove Sod
    How to Plant a Rose
    Q&A: A Hilly Predicament
    Plant Bareroot with Confidence
    Planting Under a Tree
    Planting a Tree
    Plant Peonies at the Right Height
    Improved Tree-planting Guidelines

    Soil Management
    Defining Common Soil Terms
    A Simple System for a Healthy Garden
    Don't Forget About Micronutrients
    Soil Drainage
    Rx for a Radiant Garden
    Four Things You Need to Know about Soil pH
    How's Your Soil Texture?
    Good Soil is a Sieve and a Sponge
    Soil Amendments: A Problem-solving Approach
    Turn Your Clay into Rich Garden Soil
    What Is So Important about Well-drained Soil?
    Soil in Containers Should be a Good Mix
    Adapt to Sandy Soil or Amend It
    Soil Testing Is Worth the Effort
    The World Under our Feet
    Amendments that Can Give Your Soil a Boost
    The Soil in Winter
    Soil Texture Can be Managed Once You Know What It Is
    Tilling Is One Chore You Might Be Able to Skip

    Determining Your Soil drainage
    How to Buy the Best Plants
    How to Make Compost
    How to Make a Leaf Mold
    How to Plant a Tree
    How to Plant Bareroot Ornamentals
    Planting Roses in Containers
    Managing Your Soil Texture
    No-till Gardening Amendments for Soil
    Soil for Containers
    Soil Testing
    Video Preview

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