Fine Woodworking Best Workbenches

Fine Woodworking Best Workbenches

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From the editors of Fine Woodworking


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  • ISBN 978-1-60085-389-0
  • Published Date 2012
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Is it possible to create the perfect workbench? The answer is yes, with Fine Woodworking Best Workbenches, a collection of the best articles on the subject from America’s premier woodworking magazine. Filled with focused advice on how to choose and customize a workbench, this book will prove invaluable to woodworkers of all skill levels. Whether you’re looking for a quick and easy workstation that will handle 90% of what you need or a no-compromise workbench that will function flawlessly for decades, or you just want to soup up an existing or ready-made workbench, this indispensible reference book offers the best projects and designs, ranging from traditional to special-purpose workbenches and those sporting the latest innovations and hardware.


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Table of Contents

Choosing a Workbench
• The Workbench: An Illustrated Guide
• Forget What You Know about Workbenches
• Ready-Made Workbenches

Part Two
Workbenches That Work
• A Workbench Thirty Years in the Making 
• The Essential Workbench 
• Tool Cabinet for a Workbench 
• A Rock-Solid Plywood Bench 
• A Heavy-Duty Workbench 
• A Bench Built to Last 
• A Small Workbench That Works
• A New-Fangled Workbench

Part Three
Holding Workpieces
• Holding Your Work 
• Making Sense of Vises
• Thirteen Bench Vises 
• Expand Your Workbench with Versatile Bench Hooks 
• Installing a Cast-Iron Vise 
• Bar-Clamp End Vise 
• Holding Carvings Securely 

Part Four
Improving a Workbench
• Tune Up Your Workbench
• A Sliding Bench Jack Holds Boards on Edge at Any Height 
• Pipe-Clamp Parts Make a Workbench More Versatile 
• A Rolling Lift for Your Workbench 
• Workbench Extension Lengthens Clamping Capacity 
• Adjustable Support for a Workbench

Part Five
Specialized Workbenches
• A Benchtop Bench
• An Adjustable-Height Worktable on Wheels
• A Commercially Available Adjustable Bench 
• A Convertible Clamping Workstation 
• A Low Assembly Bench 

Metric Equivalents 


Many woodworkers labor for years without a decent workbench, struggling to hold their workpieces in position and working at all kinds of uncomfortable angles. Even if they understand that a good bench is the center of an efficient and happy shop, they are probably just too busy making things to stop and make a serious woodworking bench.

If you have picked up this book, you’ve seen the light. And you’ve come to the right place.

Fine Woodworking has been outfitting woodworkers with smart and effective workbenches for 35 years, in styles to suit any mode of woodworking. Whether you are looking for a quick and easy workstation that will handle 90 percent of what you need, or a no-compromise traditional workbench that will look and function flawlessly for decades, there is a workbench here for you. And the magazine’s wonderful exploded drawings and clear step-by-step photos will answer every question along the way, guaranteeing your success.

This collection of Fine Woodworking’s best workbenches doesn’t stop there, however. After you wipe a coat of oil onto your gleaming new workbench, you’ll open these pages again for a host of tips and jigs that will
expand its capabilities even further.

—Asa Christiana
Editor, Fine Woodworking


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Very useful book Review by Edwin

The Best Workbenches book that I recently bought has been very useful in helping me come up with a design which will work well with the size of my shop and the projects I work on. It was well worth the money. I'm glad I bought it.

(Posted on 4/8/13)

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