Fine Gardening How-To Series: Gardening Techniques, Vol. 2 DVD-ROM

Fine Gardening How-To Series: Gardening Techniques, Vol. 2 DVD-ROM

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Quick computer access to over 45 articles and videos on seasonal gardening techniques -- and more

Editors of Fine Gardening

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  • Product # 041035
  • ISBN 978-1-60085-050-9
  • Published Date 2008
This informative DVD-ROM provides an overview of techniques used by experts to fine tune a garden throughout the growing season along with fresh ideas for creating outdoor spaces that reflect the spirit of their owners.

Now you can easily access precisely the information you need on everything from spring chores to winterizing the garden. Not only that, you'll be inspired by articles that show you how to feature a soothing fountain or build a rustic tuteur to grace your garden.

Here at your fingertips are all of the most important articles collected from Fine Gardening on these topics along with instructive how-to videos.

Content is divided into four subsections focusing on: lawn care, seasonal techniques, training plants, and decorating. All designed to help you grow a healthy lawn and a garden that thrives all year round. Train roses, grow grapes on an arbor, or espalier a specinmen plant. And add decorative accents like a soothing fountain, a bamboo trellis, and gazing globes.

Each article is packed with proven tips, step-by-step instructions, and detailed photographs that help you master essential techniques and become a better gardener.

Here are just a few examples of the useful articles you'll find:

  • It's not too early to get outside
  • Seeding a lawn for keeps
  • A simple way to train roses
  • Making mosaic garden art
To get the best results in your garden, be sure you have this informative DVD-ROM for fast answers to all your questions!

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  • Table of Contents
    Seasonal Techniques
    Putting your borders to bed
    Overwintering tender plants
    It's not too early to get outside
    Put your perennials to bed for the winter
    Fall: the other planting season
    Winterizing the garden
    Forcing bulbs
    Stretch the growing season
    Spring cleaning for garden furniture
    Forcing branches
    What to do in winter
    Shelter plants from winter's worst

    Training Plants
    Train roses to produce more flowers
    A simple way to train roses
    Give clematis a leg up
    Training grapevines on an arbor
    An espalier for every garden

    Lawn Care
    Seeding a lawn for keeps
    Aeration breathes new life into lawns
    Reseeding your lawn
    Autumn turf tips
    Springtime blotchiness may be a symptom of fungal disease
    Organic fertilizers for lawns

    How does your garden glow?
    Create a pebble mosaic
    Making mosaic garden art
    Build a better basket
    Gazing globes
    A fountain of soothing sounds
    Drying flowers in sand
    Pressing flowers
    Build a rustic tuteur
    Build a bamboo trellis
    Garden lanterns
    Painting clay pots
    A hoop trellis adds an english accent

    Attracting birds to your garden
    Autumn turf tips
    Lashing a bamboo trellis
    Build a rustic tuteur
    Make your own garden lanterns
    Ornaments in the garden
    Overwintering tender plants
    Painting clay pots
    Protecting your plants for winter
    Putting your vegetable garden to rest
    Reseeding your lawn in fall
    Shelter plants from winter
    Winter prep for roses
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