Grilling, Vol. 5

Grilling, Vol. 5

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All-time favorites plus a July 4th cookout
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  • Published Date 2012

Grill all your favorites to perfection. Grilling, Vol. 5, takes burgers, steaks, ribs, and chicken – all of the popular cookout choices – to new heights of mouth-watering goodness. Enjoy new twists on old favorites, including bison burgers and mini-sliders, skirt steak topped with Romesco sauce, apple-bacon ribs, chicken with Southwestern flavors – and so much more.

Cook practically everything on the grill. From Grilled Hoisin Chicken in Lettuce Cups to Grilled Peaches with Pound Cake, you can serve a complete feast straight off the grill. Expand your grilling repertoire with 72 triple-tested recipes for salads, sandwiches, chops, seafood, roasts, sides, and fruits. All easily cooked on the grill. All delicious!

A July Fourth menu that’ll beat the fireworks. Steal the show with this crazy-good menu featuring two finger-licking recipes for ribs: one for sweet and spicy baby backs, the other for savory encrusted spareribs. Keep the grill on for cooking fabulous side dishes of corn, beets, and butter lettuce. And don’t forget the lemony gin cocktail and a frozen strawberry dessert with boozy berries.

Make this the year you become a grill master. With the dependable recipes and expert tips in Grilling, Vol. 5, you can cook all the classics, add contemporary touches to old favorites, and preside over the hottest grill in town.

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