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Grow, Vol. 10

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Fine Gardening’s Guide to Vegetables

Editors of Fine Gardening

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  • Published Date 2013
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Grow your own bigger, better, bolder-than-ever fruits and vegetables. Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran gardener, Grow offers everything you need to know to cultivate a successful fruit and vegetable garden at home. The expert editors of Fine Gardening have packed this best-selling guide—now in its 10th edition—with more tips and tricks so you can go from garden to kitchen in no time.

Yes, even small space gardens can produce big results. Some of us don’t have a sprawling landscape to work with. That’s more than fine because in Grow, Vol. 10, you’ll learn space-saving tips such as how to espalier an apple tree so it can fit and thrive in even the tiniest spot. Espaliering, the process of training a tree to grow against a flat surface, such as a wall, is a clever technique that works with any space and still produces succulent fruit. Imagine, walking out onto your patio, picking a juicy apple right from your very own tree and crunching into it!

Make healthier eating a snap for your family. Studies suggest that filling your plate with more colorful, vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables—such as bright green peppers and dark red raspberries—each day is an important step in a healthier lifestyle. Growing your own edibles makes it easier than ever to have these delicious, nutrient-dense foods instantly available for your loved ones to enjoy.

In Grow, Vol. 10, you’ll get:

  • Smart plans for finding your vegetables a home—even if it’s in your front yard
  • The ins and outs of growing 9 different crops including potatoes, raspberries, peppers, and sweet cherries
  • Expert tips on how to organically get rid of pests such as pesky cabbage caterpillars
  • Simple instructions on saving your seeds from one year to the next
  • The latest information on new edible plants and gardening products for 2013
  • Plus, lots of tasty recipes that will help you enjoy your harvest!

The time is ripe to focus on your fruit and vegetable garden. Yes, you’ll reap the health benefits…PLUS…you’ll enjoy the fabulous, sunny, bursting flavors of each season…and you’ll savor the satisfaction of growing your own. There’s nothing like it!


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Table of Contents

  • Sweet cherries
  • A Guide to Growing Potatoes
  • Sturdy Greens
  • Espalier for Fruit Trees
  • Put Your Veggies in the Front Yard
  • Pruning Raspberries
  • Seed Saving Techniques
  • Peppers
  • The Best of the Best Berries (Gallery)
  • Sage (herbs)
  • Keep Cabbage Caterpillars in Check
  • Products picks for 2013
  • New plant picks for 2013


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