How to Cook a Turkey - Magazine & DVD

How to Cook a Turkey - Magazine & DVD

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At last, the holiday helper we've all been waiting for!

From the editors of Fine Cooking

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  • Product # 051075
  • Published Date 2008
  • Drawings 24 page magazine with 60 minute DVD
Even if it's your turn to cook, you can still relax and enjoy a delicious Thanksgiving dinner with family and friends. Especially if you have this dynamic duo from Fine Cooking,: our 24-page special issue and 60-minute DVD-ROM devoted to everything Thanksgiving.

Together they are your foolproof guide to planning, cooking, and serving the perfect classic turkey dinner. complete with all the trimmings, from pre-dinner nibbles to the next day's supper and everything in between.

First, our special issue simplifies planning by covering:
  • how to buy, brine, baste, and cook a juicy, beautifully browned turkey
  • classic recipes for sausage stuffing, tart cranberry compote, fluffy mashed potatoes, and traditional side dishes
  • our best recipes for pumpkin and chocolate pecan pies
  • the difference between potatoes and yams
  • delicious recipes for using the leftovers
  • tips for make-ahead pie crust, turkey stock, and more
Our one-hour DVD-ROM demonstrates important techniques, including how to:
  • truss, roast, and carve a turkey
  • make, roll out, crimp, and flute pie crust
  • make gravy from pan dripping
  • use a mandoline, ricer, and masher
  • gauge when the turkey is done, and more
Enjoy a stress-free holiday this year and every year, order your set now!

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