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How to Season and Dry Your Own Wood

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Alan Holtham

A GMC Book

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  • Product # GM0062
  • Type Paperback
    A GMC Book
  • ISBN 978-1-86108-641-9
  • Published Date 2009
  • Dimensions 8 1/4 x 10 7/8
  • Pages 192
  • Photos 268

This handbook takes readers through the process of finding, processing, seasoning, and drying their own unique timber and is aimed at independent woodworkers across a whole range of disciplines. To this day, most literature on seasoning and drying timber takes into account the fact that readers are dealing with timber by the kiln-load, but this title is aimed at one-man-bands who work with small garden timber. Written in an entertaining and accessible style, the book covers anatomical structures of wood and identifying, sourcing, seasoning, and drying timber.

About the Author Alan Holtham is a woodworker and a journalist who has written extensively on this vast subject for a range of magazines including the highly acclaimed Woodturning (GMC) magazine as well as New Woodworking (GMC), The Router (GMC) and Furniture & Cabinetmaking (GMC).


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