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I Heart Felt

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33 eye-popping projects for the inspired knitter

Kathleen Taylor


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  • Published Date 2008
  • Pages 176
Felting is a simple process: take a knitted object--anything from a purse to a holiday stocking--douse it in water, subject it to serious agitation, and let it dry. The result is cozy, dense, and durable--and totally different from anything you've ever knitted before.

In the follow-up to her best-selling Knit One, Felt Too, noted knitting designer Kathleen Taylor reveals just how to felt colorful Fair Isle, delicate cables, and blended novelty yarns. Her hugely imaginative projects, including gorgeous cabled handbags, stylish beaded hats and adorable appliquéd mittens, come with easy-to-follow directions and go far beyond basic felting.

"I love I Heart Felt! A great handbook for first-time and experienced felters with basic and advanced techniques that are explained in Kathleen Taylor's fun, no-nonsense style--a wonderful addition to any knitter's bookshelf."
--Kay Gardiner, author, Mason Dixon Knitting

About the author
Kathleen Taylor is the author of Knit One, Felt Too and has published over 500 craft and needlework articles. Kathleen lives in northeastern South Dakota.

Table of Contents

The Basics
What Felt Is 6
The Most Important Tool Other
Than Yarn and Needles 9
Needles and Notions 9
Other Non-Knitting Tools You'll Need 10
Yarn and Fiber Selection 11
Swatching: It's Mandatory 13
General Knitting for Felting 18
Felting Cabled Knits 18
Felting Fair Isle 19
Felting Intarsia 20
Finally, How to Felt Your Knits 21
Troubleshooting: That's Not What I
Thought It Would Look Like 23
Caring for Your Felt 24

Playing with Texture
The Big Bag 28
Bobble Bucket Hat 32
Bobble Scarf 36
Yellow Ladders Purse 39
Child-Size Shaggy Slippers 42
"It Looks Like a Purse" 46
Alpaca for Him: Adult Hat 49
Alpaca for Him: Scarf 52
Alpaca for Him: Toddler Earflap Hat 55
Alpaca for Her: Cranberry
Honeycomb Scarf 58
Alpaca for Her: Cranberry
Honeycomb Ear Warmer 61
Cabled Tote 64
Cabled Evergreen Jacket 68

Using Color
Autumn Harvest 76
I-Cord Belts and Headbands:
A Good Leftover Yarn Project 81
Men's Striped Slippers 84
Soft Stripes Hat 88
Patchwork Intarsia Mittens 91
Intarsia Sewing Kit 96
Grazing Sheep Bag 100
Zigzag Hat 104
Peppermint Stick
Christmas Stocking 108
Child-Size Gingham Vest 112

Exploring Embellishments
Frosting Hearts Hat and Bag 120
Field of Flowers Mittens 126
Field of Flowers Wristband 130
Beaded Tiaras and Magic Wands 133
Beads and Scallops Hat 138
Berries and Vines Slippers 142
Needlefelted Fingerless Mittens 147
Cosmos Bag 151
Needlefelted Folk Art
Santa Ornaments 155

Knitting Terms and Abbreviations 160
Resources 164

Index 166

I don't know about you, but I'm tired of knitting plain, monochromatic projects for felting. To be sure, the magical transformation from loose and long to small, soft, and fuzzy is always amazing. But the knitting itself--row after row with the same color yarn and needles the size of broom handles--is so totally boring that I have to admit that, at times, I've actually bought felt instead of knitting it myself.

I want felted bags, and slippers, and potholders, and hats, and mittens, and decorations. I love the look and feel of felted items, but knitting is not only my passion, it's my comfort and my refuge. And when the knitting is boring, the results are boring.

What's the cure for all this boredom? Pushing your felting to the extreme. Don't be afraid to knit with finer yarns and smaller needles; to strand novelty yarns with wool yarns for great new textures; to experiment with barely felted cable stitches that keep their definition; to expand the design possibilities with felted Fair Isle and intarsia; and, finally, to finish projects with folk-art touches such as beading, appliqué, and needlefelting. All of these are great ways to jazz up your felting, as you'll see in the following chapters.

After all, it's so important to explore color, texture, and embellishment. Take yourself, and your knitting, beyond boredom to fun and fabulous with the projects in this book.

Just plain have fun.

-- Kathleen Taylor

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