Outdoor Design, Living #5

Outdoor Design & Living, Vol 5

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A gallery of gardening inspiration

Editors of Fine Gardening

Softcover Magazine


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  • Product # 044054
  • Type Softcover Magazine
  • Published Date 2015
  • Pages 124

100% inspiration...100% new content...100% awesome! One look at Outdoor Design & Living and you’ll know that it’s the garden path that leads to the landscape of your dreams. This special issue from Fine Gardening is a “look book” specifically designed to help you envision your property in exciting new ways ­– it’s an absolute must for homeowners and anyone who loves beautifully designed gardens.

Treat yourself to a delightful visual experience. Outdoor Design & Living provides you with a photo gallery of doable ideas for transforming your landscape, regardless of size, into wonderfully useful spaces. You’ll find a lot to love. Gorgeous outdoor rooms that invite you to share lively places with others, relax in quiet spaces – or simply escape to your own secret getaway.

Come, look around, and see what you can create! Treat yourself to an enchanted journey that takes you from the curb to the back yard ... with real-life examples of how you can shape your outdoor areas to accomplish everything you want to do:

  • Welcome: Make a great first impression with an inviting entryway that sets off your home to advantage and looks handsome even as seasons change.
  •  Meander: Even a small yard can beckon you to stroll around curves and corners with well placed directional clues that lead to hidden destinations.
  • Enhance: Liven up your garden with sculptural forms that go beyond the birdbath – giant driftwood, found objects, exotic souvenirs, and more.
  • Contemplate: See all the interesting ways you can create a place to sit, reflect, and rest that’s secluded enough for one or spacious enough to share.
  • Gather: Carve out dining areas that are comfy, cozy, convenient, and designed to invite family and friends to come, sit, and stay a while.
  • Create: Combine form and function to transform nooks and crannies, porches or small sheds into the fun workspace you’ve always wanted.
  •  Escape: Leave daily stress behind without leaving home when you design a special getaway spot that could be a hammock, a gazebo, or mini garden.

See what’s possible no matter where you live. Outdoor Design & Living is packed with innovative ideas for shaping your landscape to complement nature and your own personal spirit. Get your copy and let us help you create outdoor rooms you’ll love.

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