Outdoor Ideas & Solutions

Outdoor Ideas & Solutions, Vol. 2

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From the editors of Fine Gardening

Softcover magazine

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  • Product # 044037
  • Type Softcover magazine
  • Published Date 2012

Get more from your yard The editors of Fine Gardening have gathered favorite articles to help you turn your yard dreams into reality. This collection of pieces from Fine Gardening magazine covers three key areas that are challenges in the yard: Design solutions, problem-solving plants, and inspired outdoor living.

Achievable solutions for gorgeous results Imagine how much more you'd love your yard if you could turn that useless slope into a luscious garden. Or if you could carve out a seating area that your friends won't want to leave. Or if you could turn your small yard into one that feels so much larger. We'll show you how with design solutions that you can really make happen.

Pick the right plants Give yourself a better shot at success with our unparalleled advice on plant and tree choice. From deer- and drought-defying choices, to grass alternatives, to shrubs that are certain to thrive, we show you what choices will help your garden grow better. Our section on "plant this, not that" alone will be one you'll want to have open when you go to the nursery this year.

Enjoy the feeling of a new "outdoor" room Don't just dream about turning your yard into a true outdoor living space -- make it happen! We give you design ideas, product recommendations, and all the advice you need to make your yard the place you want it to be, whether it's for socializing or solitude.

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