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Paths, Patios & Decking

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Paul Wagland

A GMC Book

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  • Product # GM0056
  • Type Paperback
    A GMC Book
  • ISBN 978-1-86108-887-1
  • Published Date 2011
  • Dimensions 7 5/16 x 9 3/4
  • Pages 168
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Spending time in your garden is one of life's great pleasures and adding hard landscaping such as paths, patios, and decking will provide not only a structure to any garden design, but also the opportunity for you to enjoy your garden to the fullest. Whether you are looking to create a vibrant entertainment space or tranquil secluded spot, or simply provide easy access to important areas, a path, patio, or deck area can help you realize your dreams. It can also add value to your property and is much easier to do than it may at first appear, as Paul Wagland shows.

This book takes you through the entire process of creating a range of hard-landscaped areas for your garden, offering detailed advice on how to design a space to suit your needs, clear instructions on building processes, and inspirational ideas on planting and furnishing the finished product. All aspects of the work are clearly illustrated with step-by-step instructions on all the key building techniques. Also includes guidance on building other garden features such as ponds and walls.

About the Author Paul Wagland is an RHS-qualified (Royal Horticultural Society) gardener and an experienced writer and designer. He specializes in the practical side of horticulture, from landscaping and outdoor DIY to growing fruit and vegetables. With a firm belief that a well-maintained garden can add considerable value to a home, Paul has redesigned and renovated many neglected plots for both enjoyment and profit. He is the former editor of two popular gardening magazines (Pond & Gardening and Grow Your Own) and divides most of his free time between his own garden and three rented plots in suburban Essex, in the east of England.


Table of Contents


Planning & Design
Before You Begin
Drawing Up Your Design
Working Out A Budget
Making A Plan
Creating A New Design
Setting Out The Site
Tools And Equipment

Building Work
Preparing A Foundation
Excavating A Foundation
A Sub-Base For Paving Slabs
A Sub-Base For Bricks and Setts
Building Your Patio
Building A Gravel or Wood-Chip Patio
Building A Stone or Slab Patio
Building A Patio From Bricks or Setts
Timber Decking
Building A Simple Deck
Building Supports For A Raised Deck
Adding Rails and Balustrades
Cutting Out Planting Holes
Making A Path From Gravel
Laying A Brick or Sett Path

Additions & Improvements
Building A Low Wall
Building Brick-and-Slab Steps
Building Timber Steps
Switching Off The Power
Water Features
A Garden Pond
A Raised Brick Pond
Furnishing Your Patio
Dressing A Patio
Choosing Your Style

Cleaning & Maintenance
Looking After Your Patio
Fixing A Loose Slab



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