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Tablesaw Techniques

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How to use a tablesaw safely and effectively

Marc Adams


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  • Product # 061127
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  • ISBN 978-1-62710-043-4
  • Length 49 minutes
  • Published Date 2013

A celebrated instructor teaches tablesaw essentials. Owner of the world’s largest woodworking school, Marc Adams shares his knowledge and decades of experience in Tablesaw Techniques, an instructional video in the Fine Woodworking Workshop Series.

Skill and safety go hand-in-hand. Because of their versatility, tablesaws are popular and a fixture in most workshops. They are also powerful tools that require respect and proper safety precautions when in use. That’s why Marc demonstrates a multitude of ways to tap the full potential of the tablesaw with an emphasis on safety first.

Surefire techniques you should know. New and advanced woodworkers will benefit from sharing Marc’s time-tested knowledge of the tablesaw, upgrades every saw needs, and safety measures, including:

  • understanding kickback and how to prevent it
  • making your own splitter for safer ripcuts
  • ripping and how to align a rip fence
  • using push sticks
  • cross-cutting and crosscut sleds
  • gearing up for tablesaw joinery
  • making accurate grooves, dadoes, and rabbets
  • cutting tight-fitting miters and blowout-free tenons
  • and so much more

The right way is the safe way. No matter how many years you’ve been at woodworking, Tablesaw Techniques offers new insights for getting more than you might expect from this shop workhorse. Plus, the underlying message of safety first, is worthwhile for anyone who owns a tablesaw.

About the Author Marc Adams has been woodworking professionally for more than 28 years. In 1991, he became a technical consultant to the WWPA, SFPA, AHEC, and the U.S. government, representing the United States on International Quality of Furniture Making. His work has appeared in Design Book Six and Design Book Seven, and his shop was featured in "The Workshop" by Taunton Press. In addition, his work has appeared in many national publications, and has been featured on the front cover of Woodshop News magazine. Marc has worked with the EPA in Washington on current woodworking issues, and has been a panel commentator at the prestigious International Woodworking Fair. Marc has won the Indiana Artist/Craftsman of the Year award three times and periodically does TV and radio talk shows on woodworking topics. He co-authored the book Working With Plastic Laminates and currently consults for both the laminate and adhesive industries. His “Technical Technique” video series is the largest-selling video series in the history of woodworking, and he was recently awarded four “Telly” awards.

Marc just completed an eight-part series on workshop safety for Popular Woodworking magazine and was a judge for the 2008 Veneer Tech Craftsman Challenge Awards and the 2009 AWFS Fresh Wood Student Competition. He lectures nationally for universities, guilds, and trade shows and does train-the-trainer programs for today’s biggest tool manufacturers. In 1998, he was chosen as one of Indiana’s Top 40 Under 40 in the local business community.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Marc Adams offers an overview of the topics he’ll cover in his guide to Tablesaw Techniques.

Episode 1: Tablesaw Safety

Episode 2: Ripping

Episode 3: Crosscutting

Episode 4: Build a Crosscut Sled

Episode 5: Gearing Up for Tablesaw Joinery

Episode 6: Grooves, Dadoes, and Rabbets

Episode 7: Tongues, Tenons, and Miters


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Total home run!!! Review by Emily

For anyone stepping up to a tablesaw, who feels there might be a safer way to get things done, look no further. This dvd is a safety-first tour of the heart of every shop - the tablesaw. Every technique demonstrated is soaked in good sense and will make you wonder why you never saw anyone else produce it. From showing you how to keep your crosscut sled fence from warping, to telling you the hands-down safest miter gauge use ever, this is the dvd to watch. The miter gauge fence blade housing alone is the sort of advice you need to hear. Because Mr. Adams has taught for years, he KNOWS the common misconceptions and how to keep you from disaster. That's what distinguishes this instruction. Plenty of people are wonderful woodworkers, but can they teach? Do they understand what the student needs to have clarified? How I wish I could attend this fellow's school and all I can say is, THANKS, Mr. Adams, and keep them coming. Anyone running this disc will be waiting for your next one!

(Posted on 6/4/13)

1 Reviews

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