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Yvonne Cuthbertson & Graham Clarke

A GMC Book

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    A GMC Book

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If you’re ready to grow organic, start here. This four book collection from The Guild of Master Craftsman will be your guide to growing your own organic fruit, vegetables, and herbs. And at this special limited-time-only price, you’ll save over $25 – that’s like getting one book for FREE!

The Organic Vegetable Gardener is your handbook for creating a productive, attractive vegetable garden bursting with color and flavor. All the practical information you’ll need to get started is covered, from choosing the best site to preparation and design – plus sowing, growing, harvesting, and more. A comprehensive directory of popular vegetable species and varieties provides an easy reference guide when choosing what to grow.

The Organic Fruit Gardener shows you a concise, easy-to-follow approach to fruit growing and maintenance. Packed with practical advice, it includes guidance on which fruits to choose, when and how to plant, propagate, harvest, and store them, plus a comprehensive directory of popular varieties to grow. It won’t be long before you are discovering the delights of your own homegrown organic fruit.

The Organic Herb Gardener offers information on the amazing range of colors, sizes, textures, and perfumes that makes growing herbs an infinitely rewarding experience. Perfect for the organic gardener, herbs attract beneficial insects and wildlife and are often tough and resilient to pests and disease.

The Organic Fruit and Vegetable Gardener's Year is an indispensable guide to everything the organic gardener, needs to know – season by season. Whether you are a novice or experienced gardener, you'll easily find solutions tailor-made to your needs. Key sections give invaluable up-to-date advice on how best to manage pests and disease, step-by-step sowing and growing, and so much more.

Order the GMC Organic Gardening Book Collection today and begin your growing season at a great value – at this price it’s like getting one book for free!

Table of Contents

The Organic Fruit Gardener
Growing Fruit Outdoors
Growing Fruit Under Cover
Training, Pruning and Propagating Fruit
Fruit-Growing Basics
Directory of Fruit

The Organic Vegetable Gardener
Growing Vegetables Outdoors
Growing Vegetables Under Cover
Choosing Vegetable Seed and Plants
Vegetable-Growing Basics
Companion Plants
Directory of Vegetables

The Organic Herb Gardener
Herbs and the Organic Gardener
Planning an Herb Garden
Propagating Herbs
Buying and Planting Herbs
Caring for Herbs
Organic Pest and Disease Control
Harvesting, Drying and Preserving Herbs
Calendar of Work
Directory of Herbs

The Organic Fruit and Vegetable Gardener's Year
How to Use This Book
Organic Basics


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