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The Organic Herb Gardener

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Graham Clarke

A GMC Book

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  • Product # GM0055
  • Type Paperback
    A GMC Book
  • ISBN 978-1-86108-683-9
  • Published Date 2010
  • Dimensions 7 5/16 x 9 3/4
  • Pages 176
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Discover the wonderful diversity of herbs in this comprehensive guide for the organic grower. The amazing range of colors, sizes, textures, and perfumes makes growing herbs an infinitely rewarding experience. Perfect for the organic gardener, herbs attract beneficial insects and wildlife and are often tough and resilient to pests and disease.

Practical advice on planning an herb garden, propagating, planting, harvesting, drying, and storing is included along with a handy calendar of jobs. The A–Z directory of herbs will inspire planting ideas and give background information of known culinary, medicinal, and cosmetic uses for each herb.

About the Author Graham Clarke has been a gardening writer and journalist for more than 25 years. He has written a dozen books and countless articles for most of the major UK gardening magazines. At various times he was editor of Amateur Gardening (the UK’s leading weekly magazine for amateurs) and Horticulture Week (the UK’s leading weekly magazine for professionals) and is now a freelance garden writer and consultant. Clarke lives in Dorset, on England’s south coast.

Table of Contents


Herbs and The Organic Gardener
Why Herbs Are Ideal for The Organic Gardener
Companion Planting
Attracting Wildlife
Companion Planing
Homemade Fertilizers

Planning A Herb Garden
Where To Grow Herbs
Planning and Design
Traditional Formal Herb Gardens
Informal Herb Gardens
Comtemporary Herb Gardens
Practical Herb Gardens
Herbs in Small Places

Propagating Herbs
Sowing Seeds
Taking Cuttings
Dividing and Layering Herbs

Buying and Planting Herbs
Buying Herbs
Sourcing Plants
Soil Preparation
Planting in Garden Beds and Borders
Planting Herbs in Paving
Planting a Herb Lawn
Herb Hanging Baskets
Herb Tubs and Troughs
Herbs in Growing Bags

Caring for Herbs
Weeding Herbs
Watering Herbs
Mulching Herbs
Pruning and Cutting Back

Organic Pest and Disease Control
Pests of Herbs
Diseases of Herbs

Harvesting, Drying and Preserving Herbs
Harvesting Herbs
Drying Herbs
Other Preserving Methods
Herb Oils, Vinegars and Tinctures
Essential Oils

Calendar of Work
Jobs for Spring
Jobs for Summer
Jobs for Autumn
Jobs for Winter

Directory of Herbs
Hardiness Zones
How to Use This Directory
How Plants are Named

Ideas for Using Herbs


Useful Websites

Further Reading

About the Author



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