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The Organic Vegetable Gardener

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Yvonne Cuthbertson

A GMC Book

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  • Product # GM0053
  • Type Paperback
    A GMC Book
  • ISBN 978-1-86108-816-1
  • Published Date 2011
  • Dimensions 7 5/16 x 9 3/4
  • Pages 176
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A productive, attractive vegetable garden bursting with color and flavor forms the heart and soul of any garden, no matter how small. The satisfaction gained from knowing where your food has come from, that it is fresh, seasonal, and free from toxic chemicals cannot be beaten. The Organic Vegetable Gardener allows you to discover the joy of growing your own mouthwatering organic crops, and covers all aspects of preparation and cultivation through to harvesting.

All the practical information you’ll need to get started is covered, from choosing the best site to preparation and design. Sowing seeds, growing plants indoors and outdoors in containers or in beds, crop rotation, dealing with pests and diseases, and harvesting are also explained in detail. Finally, a comprehensive directory of popular vegetable species and varieties provides an easy reference guide when choosing what to grow.

About the Author Former primary school head teacher Yvonne Cuthbertson is a passionate writer and gardener. She holds a Royal Horticultural Society General Certificate in Horticulture (RHS General) and has contributed to many publications in the UK and US. Her previous titles include Success with Herbs and Beginner’s Guide to Herb Gardening.

Table of Contents


Growing Vegetables Outdoors
Choosing Your Site
Planning Your Plot
Vegetable Garden Designs
Making a Lettuce Ladder
Salad Cartwheel
Raised Beds
The Flower Border
Planting a Pot for Vegetables
Growing Potatoes In A Pot

Growing Vegetables Under Cover
Cold Frames
Other Types of Cover

Choosing Vegetable Seed and Plants
Growing from Seed
Types of Seed
Sowing in Trays
Other Methods of Sowing
Biodegradable Pots
Buying Plants
Sprouting Seeds

Vegetable-Growing Basics
Digging Your Plot
Healthy Soil
The Compost Heap
Organic Fertilizer
Green Manure
Mulching Plants
Crop Rotation
Pests and Diseases

Companion Plants
The Benefits of Companion Plants

Directory of Vegetables
Hardiness Zones
Plant Naming


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