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Wiring Complete, 2nd Edition

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Expert advice from start to finish

Michael Litchfield and Michael McAlister


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  • Product # 071447
  • Type Paperback
  • ISBN 978-1-60085-846-8
  • Published Date 2013
  • Dimensions 9 3/16 x 10 7/8
  • Pages 272
  • Photos 825
  • Drawings 50

"The clearest, most intelligible, most up-to-date, step-by-step instructions of how to wire most household electrical jobs." 
- KK. Org (Cool Tools)

The title says it all! Wiring Complete, 2nd Edition, covers everything homeowners need to know about practically any wiring scenario imaginable, from simple switches to outdoor lighting.

Updated to the latest code. Co-authored by two well-known experts in the field, this second edition of the original best seller has been updated to the latest electrical code (NEC, 2011). And there’s more detailed coverage of today’s hot topics, including:

  • expanded sections on receptacles, switches, and lighting
  • the latest information on remote thermostats
  • details on the changing world of multimedia wiring

Unique, do-it-yourself approach. What separates Wiring Complete from other guides is its straightforward approach and accessible design that allows you to:

  • quickly look up a project
  • gather all the information on how to tackle it
  • easily access advice from a licensed electrician and
  • identify what to do should something go wrong

Reliable information and how-to instructions. With 825 photos and 50 illustrations, Wiring Complete provides highly visual instruction on wiring projects that homeowners want to do themselves, such as: switches and receptacles, wall sconces, phone jacks, fans, kitchen appliances, and more.

A must-have for every home. Much more than a how-to reference, Wiring Complete is like having your own personal electrician on call, 24/7.

About the Authors Michael Litchfield has been renovating houses or writing about them for more than 40 years. During that time he has been a founding editor of Fine Homebuilding magazine, the author of 12 acclaimed books on home design and renovation, and editor of a CNET/Yahoo! Gold Star home improvement site. He is also a certified green building professional.

Michael McAlister is a licensed electrician, C-10 Electrical Contractor, and B General Building Contractor in California and is currently Division Manager -San Francisco for Sprig Electric. He has worked in a design/build capacity in single family residential, multi-family high density residential, commercial TI, biotech, high tech, manufacturing, and alternative energy. He lives with his wife and two sons in San Francisco.

Table of Contents

1 Working with Electricity
Cutting Power

2 Tools & Materials
Electrical Boxes
Cables & Wires

3 Receptacles & Switches
Tools & Materials
Wiring Receptacles
Wiring Switches
Wiring Specialty Switches

4 Lighting
Lighting Types
Basic Fixtures
Wall Sconces
Recessed Lighting
Under-Cabinet Lighting
Low-Voltage Fixtures
Track Lighting

5 Thermostats
Installing a Programmable Thermostat
Smart RF Thermostats

6 Multimedia
Tools & Materials
Adding Phone Jacks
Distribution Panels
Installing a Multimedia Outlet

7 Fans
Wiring Tips
Bathroom Vent Fans
Range Hoods
Ceiling Fans

8 Planning New Work
Before You Begin
According to Code
Working Drawings

9 Rough-In Wiring
Getting Started
Outlet Boxes
Running Cable
Retrofit Work
Making Up Boxes
Metal Cable $ Conduit

10 Appliances
Garbage Disposals
Household Appliances

11 Outdoor Wiring
Before You Begin
Outdoor Outlets
Outdoor Path Lights
Motion-Sensor Lights

12 Panels & Subpanels
Before You Begin
Circuit Breakers


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